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Our products and solutions for education help educators and school administrators in their efforts to create a modern and dynamic learning environment.



Explore our advanced, two-stage air purifiers with HEPA filter and UVC germicide disinfection system, perfect for schools and offices.



The popular charging and disinfection cabinets and carts that inactivate germs and viruses on mobile devices as well as small objects used in schools and workplaces.


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Cetrix Technology Advantages

ActiveTouch interactive panels with 4K display quality

Top budget saving tablets and tools for educators to use in school

Unique educational technology tools for classrooms and instructional technology tool for higher education

Best expert consultation on how to manufacture and Prototype a tablet solution for vertical market

PureMax Air Purifiers with UV germicidal radiation technology in addition to HEPA filtration capability

ChargeMax Disinfection Cabinets providing UV disinfection and mobile device charging in the same equipment

Product Prototype Manufacturing is made easy with our Rapid Engineering solutions

Best expert consultation on how to manufacture and Prototype a mobile computing device for vertical market

Rugged Laptops, Tablet PCs & Smartphones for tough environments

Mobile Computing Solutions for transportation, public safety, health care and military

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