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21st century Classroom: Advantages & Disadvantages

The 21st century has been here for quite some time now and whether we like it or not, the digitization world is catching up with education technology as well in the advent of 21st century Classroom. The only what is forward, and that’s why every one of us  is committed to develop solutions that help […]

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NFC: One Stop Cetrix Solution for all Businesses

NFC stands for Near Field Communications and has been available to us for a very long time. However, the practical applications to the same has not been as high as it should have been primarily because of low technological awareness and skepticism For those who are yet to know what NFC represents, imagine a world […]

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Making Digital Classroom Economically Accessible

Alternative Route With several parts of the world facing an economic crisis, it has largely been accepted now that in order to make education commercially viable again despite several budget cuts, alternative routes are needed. While most of the general population is unaware of this, the problem is a very big one, especially when the […]

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