Business Mobility

2-in-1 for business mobility

What platform will dramatically guarantee a robust transformation to make the workflow environment more efficient, connected and productive? The proper step would be to set a target goal of purpose-built mobility solutions in helping the consumers’ change how business is done. Users have long clamored for manufacturers to realize that tablets shouldn’t simply be a toy for kids. We listened to this noble idea and the Cobalt Hybrid, which carries the royal Intel® bloodline, was born. Our customers tell us what they want and we, in turn, tell our RD people and innovation finders what needs to be done.

Up to now, enterprises have had to mostly choose from consumer-driven tablets. For those who work in institutions or vertical segments like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, hospitality, retail and education – now there’s a choice. The Cobalt 2-in-1 has a specific focus: the enterprise! It speeds collaboration and productivity, not just content consumption. It lets us every day consumers have a great tablet experience, with access to Windows or Linux applications, while meeting the requirements of enterprise IT, such as device and application security and manageability.

Our design team has done a really nice job with this device, while always adhering to the Cetrix roadmap of enterprise-centric hybrids. The evolution of Cobalt’s entry into this segment is good news for CIOs and IT managers in a way that’s integrated into a company’s infrastructure and controllable in terms of apps and network access.

This is how the Cobalt offers us an upgrade to business class. The Cobalt is based on an Intel processor, customizable according to OS picks. It combines secure voice, video, collaboration, desktop virtualization and custom apps all in one. The device also works seamlessly with GPU Intel® HD Graphics HD video interoperability Hi-Res. Graphics for tele-conferences. Two full-size USB port extends the capabilities of the Cobalt as a computing device.

One of the coolest extras is the back stand, which when opened turns the Cobalt into a notebook. This really comes in handy and gives the user fast, comfortable and accurate typing and mouse control. The Cobalt also includes an Electromagnetic Digitizer Pen that allows users to input notes straight onto the screen.

A 10 point capacitive Multi-touch module may be good for most screens, but with some applications using your fingertips simply doesn’t work: “With the pen, our customers can easily work on sensitive business applications and even sign documents.” Paired with the right applications, the pen opens up specific tasking in industries and professions. In some countries, healthcare and law enforcement agencies have long been using tablet PCs, equipping vehicles and personnel with these devices for instant access to information and smooth transmission of vital data. Current mobility market is looking for this hybrid flexibility on Cetrix’s family of products. With the right applications and support, they can be adapted to almost everything users would dream to do with a notebook.