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July 23, 2021

How UV Disinfection Cabinet Fight against COVID-19?

UV Disinfection is an efficient and fast technique for inactive bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. UV Disinfection Cabinet is easy to use and 100% germ-free device which can be used by many organizations and industries to keep themselves and their workplaces secure from viruses, especially from the latest Coronavirus. The device is manufactured to the highest standards whose objective is to ensure reliable, sterile outcomes. UV Cabinets are specifically used to kill bacteria and viruses without the obligation for heat or chemical substances. In this article, we will discuss the UV disinfection Cabinet’s purpose, its working mechanism, and how it is useful to fight against Covid-19.

The novel Coronavirus is rapidly increasing day by day. It has killed millions of people all around the world. UV Disinfection technique is now at the front line in the fight against infectious disease. Many organizations and firms are utilizing this methodology to protect their workers and workplaces from coronavirus. In the fight against coronavirus, there is only one type of UV exist which is extremely dangerous and is capable of inactive COVID-19. In this article, we will also discuss the UV-C working mechanism.

What is Ultra Violet (UV) Light?
Ultra Violet Light is invisible to the human eye, but it is very effective to kill bacteria, germs, viruses, and other micro-organisms. It resides between X-Rays and Visible Light in an electromagnetic spectrum. A distinctive characteristic of UV Light is that a particular range of its wavelength (between 200 and 300 nm) are classified as germicidal. It means that it has the capability to kill microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and so on.

What is UV-Disinfection Cabinet?
UV (Ultraviolet Spectrum) is an effective disinfectant for most viruses and micro-organisms. Generally, UV cabinets are used for Chromatographic analysis by Ultraviolet Fluorescence. These cabinets are useful for observing Chromatogram by combining both short and longwave Ultraviolet Lights as well as White Light.

How does UV Disinfection work?
UV Disinfection is used to kill or inactive micro-organisms through a physical process. It is a quick, and effective approach to kill viruses and other micro-organisms. In this process, micro-organisms are exposed to germicidal wavelengths of Ultraviolet Light so, they are rendered incapable of making their copies, and infecting. UV Light is also capable to fight against those pathogenic organisms who are responsible for generating viral diseases such as cholera, polio, typhoid, and other parasitic diseases. Additionally, UV light is also capable to destroy chemical pollutants such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and so on through the UV-oxidation process. The UV-C Disinfection approach is also very effective to fight against coronavirus as well. UV Disinfection cannot leave any chemical residue, as it is a non-chemical process.

How does UV Disinfection help fight against COVID-19?
Coronavirus is an infectious disease that is heat-sensitive. Sunlight will kill the virus immediately. There are three different types of sunlight, each has its own functionality. The 3 kinds of Sunlight are listed below:
•  UVA
•  UVB
•  UVC
UVC sunlight is considered to be dangerous and is particularly good at destroying coronavirus. Here, we will discuss all the three types of sunlight, and especially UVC role in the fight against coronavirus.

UVA Sunlight is the first type of sunlight. It is responsible to make the huge bulk of radiations reaching the Earth’s surface. It is very harmful to the skin because it is capable of penetrating deep into the skin. It damages 80% of our skin up and causes wrinkles.

UVB is the second type of sunlight that is responsible to damage the DNA in our skin, results in sunburn and eventually skin cancer. Scientific Research has proved that UVA is also responsible to do the same as UVB, i.e. skin cancer.
Both UVA and UVB sunlight can be blocked out by using good quality sun block creams.

UVC light is the third type of sunlight and also a part of UV Spectrum. It is usually a High frequency emitting radiation which is effective to kill and destroy viruses, bacteria, and other micro-organisms. It requires a germicidal wavelength of 185-254 nanometers to kill with UV Light. This part of the spectrum is having a shorter and more energetic wavelength of light.
According to the 1878 study, it is artificially proved that UVC is an essential technique of sterilization. It is highly used in many organizations, such as hospitals, airplanes, offices, and factories.
There hasn’t been any research on how UVC affects Covid-19 exactly, but recent researches have proved that it can be used effectively against coronavirus. UVC radiations warp their genetic material structure, which prevents the viral elements to replicate themselves. Concentrated UVC is now playing a significant role in the fight against coronavirus.

How UVC-Disinfection is beneficial for Organizations and Industries
Organizations can also utilize this unique UV Disinfection methodology to prevent their workplaces, employees, customers, and resources from being infected from coronavirus. For hospitality industries, there are several surprising uses of UV Light. They are:
• Telephone Devices and Television Remotes
Mostly, in hotels, television remotes and telephone devices are extremely germ-laden. UV disinfectants are helpful for wiping these devices which may kill germs and bacteria. You can also prevent your mobile phones, television remote, telephone devices, and other gadgets that guests touch. Germs will be killed immediately anywhere the light touches.
• Food Preparation Areas
You can also prevent your Kitchen, and its appliances such as knives, spoons, plates, and other small items from germs by disinfected them using UV light technology.
• Fitness Centers
It is really surprising to know that your Fitness equipment may contain are around 1,000,000 germs per square inch. In gyms, most of the unpleasant smell is not only due to sweat but due to bacteria that can be wiped out by using UV-Disinfecting technology.
• Hospitals
In hospitals, UV-Disinfecting methodology is also useful to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. UVC-emitting robots have been essentially used for cleaning the hospital floor.
•  Banks
Banks are also utilizing this modern technology of UVC Disinfecting Light to disinfect their money.

By concluding this article, the benefits of utilizing UV Disinfection Cabinet against Covid-19 have become clear. UV-Disinfecting Cabinet is a special and most effective technology to kill viruses and germs. These days, many organizations make use of this unique methodology to disinfect their equipment, workplaces, and employees. UVC Light is a good approach to destroying genetic material, both in human and viral particles. UVC-emitting light is at the front line in the fight against Coronavirus Outbreak.

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