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February 19, 2021

ChargeMax Charging Carts – Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Today more and more schools and universities are investing money into providing the students in the classrooms and labs with mobile electronic devices such as Chromebooks and tablets. These pieces of equipment make it easier for both the instructors and students to get the most out of the lessons taught in the classroom. Unfortunately, having such a large number of devices that require them to be recharged and stored overnight can present a logistic nightmare for educators and school administrators to keep track of everything. It also can be quite hard to charge such a large number of electronic devices efficiently every day. Cetrix ChargeMax Charging Carts and Stations are fully self-contained storage and charging cart that were developed by Cetrix as part of a digital classroom transformation system.

ChargeMax Charging Carts and Stations offer a number of very valuable benefits to organizations such as schools and universities, whereas the opportunity to have multiple mobile devices like Chromebooks and tablets that would require frequent recharging. These Charging Carts have many useful features, but their two most important benefits are secure recharging of multiple devices simultaneously with a central regulated power system and disinfection of devices.

Using Charging Carts for Charging Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Having a large number of mobile devices in use such as what you would find in a classroom environment, it could be a nightmare to keep track of everything. It also can be a monumental task keeping all of the devices fully charged and ready for use the next day. Therefore, having a Charging Cart that is fully capable of neatly storing and recharging multiple mobile devices such as tablets and laptops would be hugely beneficial.

Along with having a way to charge several devices at once, it is also very advantageous to have a way to store and lock up all of the devices while they are not being used in class


Whenever you have a large number of people sharing the same equipment, you will always have a situation where germs can easily transfer between them. This is especially true in the case of a school environment where devices can change hands easily and used by multiple students.

This is where Cetrix ChargeMax comes in. Thanks to its built-in germicide Ultraviolet (UV) Light system, the UV radiation goes to work attacking any microorganisms that may have attached themselves to one or more of the devices placed inside the cabinet for recharging. Any germs present are rendered harmless by disrupting its DNA simply by exposing all surfaces to the powerful UV light inside the cabinet.

The good thing is that while destroying the harmful microorganisms that might be present, it does not do any damage to the equipment placed inside to be recharged when not in use.


Schools and universities are faced with new challenges when it comes to the operation and maintenance of mobile computing devices like Chromebooks and tablets. With multiple people, including young kids with their hands all over the equipment all day, having a way to ensure that germs are not spread by contact with the equipment helps in creating a healthy learning environment. The school should have a way to keep the equipment safe and clean and fully charged when the equipment is not in use. Cetrix ChargeMax Charging Carts and Stations are the simple, practical and affordable solutions to these problems.

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