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March 2, 2017

Cetrix ActiveTouch Interactive Display Gets Viewed by Melinda Gates

On her recent visited Nasir Ahmed El-rufai, Executive Governor of Kaduna State in Nigeria, Melinda Gates observed the Monitoring and Evaluation dashboard at the ministry. The dashboard is a state of the art equipment based on the ActiveTouch Interactive LED Display which is capable of providing a very high quality and unique interactive environment. The Monitoring and Evaluation dashboard is a very important part of the ministry’s performance arsenal and Mrs. Gates showed keen interest in its ability to provide real time information to users. The wife of the billionaire philanthropist was keen on utilizing such technology to enhance the capabilities of the country’s economy and use investment in tech to develop a more statistically strong and data savvy system of governance and monitoring.


The Cetrix ActiveTouch Interactive Display is a feat of engineering that brings together everything you can want in terms of professional level interactive displays. The display offers several size options ranging from 55” to 84”, depending on your needs, and an ultra-high definition resolution that ensured crisp image and video quality no matter how demanding the programs are. To further enhance its capabilities, ActiveTouch can be powered by an integrated high performance Mini-PC with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU, WiFi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet and up to 8GB RAM. The touch sensitivity is quite amazing, given the multiple infrared sensors that are used to detect touch with pinpoint accuracy.


Cetrix Technologies also offers a wide range of other products that include the hybrid tablet-notebooks Cobalt and Tesla,, small but strong Milena 11e and Milena 11g laptops, ChargeMax Charging Stations, DocEye Visualizers, Tablets, Smartphones and a wide range of other products that are built to provide strong tech support under any environment. Meeting the requirements of all users with high-grade and efficient service, Cetrix Technologies is certainly a name that is reputable for quality. So much so that even Melinda Gates found its capabilities intriguing.

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