Consultation and Training

Transforming learning in schools requires changing the culture of the classroom. A school’s culture consists of the traditions, beliefs, policies and practices of teachers, administrators, students and staff members. Transforming school culture entails promoting new ways for teachers and students to interact, changing the conception of what constitutes an effective learning environment, and adopting new rules, policies and practices for the conduct of teaching and learning. Students, parents, school staff at all levels, and other community members need to be actively involved in developing, supporting and maintaining a transformed learning culture.

Considering the above, CETRIX places special emphasis on consultation and planning at the initiation stage of a new school digitalization program. We work through our industry leading partners to assist the schools in preparing and implementing a road map for transforming their educational system and to bring about the necessary cultural changes.

Educator Training

Implementing the digital transformation road map starts with training the educators. They are the most effective elements in changing the school culture, and are the real implementers of the road map. When the new policies and support from school administration is in place, the teachers and educators are the real force behind the transformation. This crucial task is carried out by the Tablet Academy, a prominent UK-based education consultancy and teacher training organization with a global customer base.