Digital Classroom

ActiveTouch Interactive LED Display

Large interactive touchscreen displays have taken today’s classrooms into the next level of visual expression in a group environment. Teachers and students can engage the sessions by writing, drawing shapes, moving and shearing images, filling tables, juggle shapes, and virtually endless ways of manipulating their digital content either by their fingers or using a static pen.

CETRIX solution for schools includes ActiveTouch interactive LED display panels that come in 65” to 84” screen sizes. The display is fixed to the wall or installed on a wheeled stand for greater freedom of movement, and connected to educator’s laptop or hybrid via a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. High performance laptops and hybrids by Cetrix are capable of providing HD and UHD images with up to 3840 x 2160 resolution that produce incredibly clear images even at very close viewing distance.

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SonoField Classroom Sound Field System

Classroom learning is based on communication. Improved sound wave distribution throughout the classroom and enhanced speech intelligibility is essential for transferring knowledge and assessing the quality of learning. With High Definition classroom audio, students and educators benefit from nearly perfect sound reproduction which leads to improved student comprehension and learning.

CETRIX School Digital Transformation Solution includes SonoField, an advanced HD sound system especially designed for classrooms. The system creates a classroom-wide sound enhancement by creating a Sound Field covering the whole space of the room. The system comes with wireless hands free infrared pendant microphone that enables the educator to freely move around the classroom and focusing on interaction with the students, and an infrared handheld microphone for students to respond to the educator.

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DocEye Visualizers

The available digital educational content provide a wide range of educational material at the reach of the educators. However, this in no way eliminates the use of paper books and notes in teaching. This necessitates the use of document cameras and digital visualizers that instantly turn paper material into digital content that can be seen and manipulated on the large interactive touch panel.

CETRIX DocEye visualizers enable educators to make full use of their paper-based content by instantly digitizing and transferring images of paper documents or even objects under study to the large interactive touch panel where the content can be manipulated and displayed to the whole classroom.

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