Educational Contents and Apps

Today’s content-rich web environment offers teachers a wealth of cost- effective educational opportunities to engage digital-age students in dynamic learning activities in and out of the classroom.
There is an abundance of high-quality digital-content available for in-classroom as well as out of the classroom teaching, learning and research instructional activities. They include full courses, interactive virtual world simulations, tests, reference tools, course materials, modules, eTexbooks, instructional videos, software and other productivity and education tools.
The learning content supports the creation, delivery, use and improvement of open content development tools for educators to produce quality instructional material.
As part of its School Digital Transformation Solution, CETRIX, through its partners, helps schools to get the tools necessary for full use of contents for their teachings on the web. After assessment of your school’s needs, we connect you to the partner with software, content and services that suites your school’s needs most.

Classroom Control

Tablets and Laptops are the most efficient tools for engaging the students in learning in the classroom. To ensure the desired outcome, the educators must be able to monitor their students’ screens to help them in the right direction, identify those who need extra attention or those who excel, and prevent distractions.
Classroom Orchestrator from Lightspeed Systems provides teachers and educators the full control of the mobile device screens of the students in the classroom. Some of Orchestrator’s key features are:

  • Dashboard view of all class screens
  • View by size: small, medium, large
  • Detailed view of individual screens
  • Record to store screen views
  • “No active filter” flags
  • Works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 devices and Chromebooks
  • Dynamic refresh rate
  • Daily schedules
  • Administrator configuration

Furthermore, it can be used across classes and schools, thanks to:

  • SIS integration – so adding students and devices to classes happens in a click
  • Cloud-based – no need for servers on your network
  • Low-impact – designed for low bandwidth utilization to minimize network impact