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May 4, 2017

Efficient Disinfection with UV Technology in Small Clinics

Efficient Disinfection with UV Technology

Nosocomial infections in small clinics offer one of the greatest health challenges within the health sector. The challenge is much more related to eliminating the source of contamination, as opposed to treating the infection. This has led to different studies being carried out in an effort to determine the factors leading to nosocomial infections in small clinics. The results suggest that small clinics are not as strict with their personnel when it comes to the use of mobile electronic devices like smartphones and tablets as compared to big hospitals. As such, methods of reducing contaminations caused by mobile devices in small clinics and schools have become a leading topic in public health. Studies have since concluded that Efficient disinfection with UV technology might be the smartest method of limiting contamination via mobile electronic devices.


Use of Smartphones in Small Clinics: A Source of Contamination

The number of medical personnel that use smartphones or tablet computers is at an all-time high; in fact, statistics show that over 67% of doctors and nurses use portable devices at work. This is probably due to the constant need of information, resources and use of digital communication platforms that have been adopted by health facilities. In big hospitals, the use of personal electronic devices is controlled to some extent; clinics, on the other hand, do not control the personnel’s use of these devices in general. Because of the high contamination risks that come with using personal gadgets, Efficient disinfection with UV technology has become the solution adopted by many clinics in the US.


Sanitizing Smartphones and Tablets by UV

Until recently, it has been a challenge to disinfect smartphones and tablets, but Ultra-Violet technology has solved the problem. Smartphone and tablet UV disinfection systems can now be applied in clinics to effectively reduce the number of infections that are spread through the use of handheld devices. The way the technology works is very simple and easy to use. A cabinet is set up to charge mobile devices without their charging adapters. While the devices in the protective cabinet are smart charging, a UV light is used to disinfect the complete exterior of the charging devices. Efficient disinfection with UV technology is a solution that is now being used by many clinics across the US.


Reducing contamination Without Affecting Productivity

Mobile devices have changed the way small clinics operate. Software applications and platforms are used via mobile devices so medical personnel can operate more efficiently by sharing information, managing outpatients and coordinating patient care. If clinics were to ban the use of mobile devices within the structures of the health facility, the way doctors and nurses manage and care for patients would be greatly affected. In order to maintain this level of efficiency and reduce the risks of spreading infections through these mobile devices, clinics can install smart charging systems that are equipped with UV technology for systematic sanitization of the devices while they charge.



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