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Partnering to Turn Your Idea into a New Product

Our society progresses through innovation. This is more evident today than ever before because of the advances we have made in information and communication technology. For a business however, the difference between getting a new innovative product into the market and sticking to the old product line and service quality could be the difference between life and death for that business. Why? Because the competition is fierce, and more deeply, because our society progresses riding on innovation.

Having said this, the first hard facts that innovators come to realize is that getting inspired to for a new invention or develop a great idea into a useful product is just the first step on a long road to getting it to those who will use it. This is especially true for startups and small businesses who cannot afford to allocate large amounts of financial and material resources and do not have the facilities that is required to carry an idea through the design and manufacturing process and to the point of entering into the market. In many cases, they also lack the expertise, experience, connections, supply chain, management structure, business connections and different processes and procedures, including those related to regulations and laws that must be in place to guarantee an efficient production process.

So what is the solution? The solution that many innovators have found is to partner with a company that can provide full cycle design and manufacturing services such as Cetrix Technologies. Why we call it partnership? Because it is a win-win situation businesswise. The innovator needs the resources of the manufacturer, and the manufacturer needs the innovator in order to utilize what its facilities and resources are made for to produce revenue.

At Cetrix, we value partnering with startups or companies with new product ideas to take to market. Apart from business aspects, it is a venture that creates a collaborative environment among people to the benefit of all, while promoting progress in both organizations and the society.

With this spirit, Cetrix offers a range of services to companies who intent to manufacture their new product. From product design and rapid prototyping to mass production, and from existing product customization to personalization of products, our services for innovators complement each other to provide a full cycle of product development and manufacturing service. At the same time, for those companies that have performed part of the process in-house or by third parties, we offer complementary services so to complete the production cycle for our partner.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Cetrix electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) services covers all aspects of a new product development and production. Advanced rapid prototyping methods and Design for Manufacturing and Assembly techniques ensure high quality and compliance with specifications and functional requirements. Furthermore, Cetrix Rapid Prototyping and advanced manufacturing management reduces time-to-market, giving our customers a competitive edge and higher ROI.

New Product Rapid Prototyping Services

New product innovations start with an idea, but soon it has to be turned into a manufacturable product for testing and improvement before taking it for full production. Cetrix offers product design, development and rapid prototyping services for innovators who intend to take their new idea into market.

Mobile Device Hardware Customization

Cetrix hardware improvements are aimed for performance by adjusting configurations, which may also include settings for the motherboard and the BIOS, as well as the bus speeds. With newer technology, Cetrix tablets have following hardware configuration option that can affect performance and system function. This may include …

How the choice of OS platforms effects hardware design: Windows 8 or Android or Linux?

Imagine being able to deliver to your customers a tablet solution that bears your company’s logo as opposed to a standard off the shelf solution. Additionally, Tablet PCs by Cetrix Limited are built for business, which means systems powerful enough to run full desktop applications on Microsoft® Windows® 7/8.1 and Linux or Android and rugged enough to be used day in and day out without failing.

White Label & OEM Tablets

Cetrix offers white label tablets, OEM tablets, and custom built tablets for your own special applications. Do you want to put your apps on the tablets and then sell them to your customers? Do you want to sell your own branded tablets with iPad or Nexus 7 spec and quality? That’s where we can help. You can put your own brand, logo or animation on those white label tablets, pre-install your own apps, and configure the OS to do exactly what you need.

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