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Empowering Students and Educators in the Digital Learning Landscape

Rapid advances in mobile communication and internet technologies during past decade have created a new era that is best characterized by speed, deep collaboration, and rich information content. The convenience and portability of mobile computing, the networking ability and richness of content of social media, and the flexibility and expressive power of interactive multimedia systems has transformed the way we work, communicate, entertain and learn. Education is one of the areas that have the greatest potential to benefit from the advantages of the new era. But with great benefits, there always comes great challenges as well.

Although the idea of a digital or smart classroom has been around for years, few school systems have found a way to create a fully enabled and sustainable digital ecosystem. The reason is teaching with technology is complicated considering the challenges newer technologies present to educators.

Realizing the fact that introducing computing devices alone cannot help schools to adapt to the new era, CETRIX, in collaboration with its partners, has put together a complete Digital Transformation Solution for schools. The solution encompasses consulting, planning, ICT systems and hardware, educational and management software, training and support. It consists of 5 components:

1. Consulting and Planning
2. Educator Training
3. Physical Environment
4. Device Management System
5. Digital Content and Access Technology

Hybrids, Tablets, Laptops
Digital Classrooms
Control and Management
Educational Contents and Apps
Consultation and Training

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