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February 4, 2016

How NFC Solutions Keep Secure Mobile Payments?

Near-field communication is a technology that allows pairing between devices within close range, allowing exchange of data, such as making payments. It has been common for consumers using Contactless Cards and Oyster cards for making payments, which NFC Solutions supports. The technology has optimized the possibility of mobile payments with increasing prevalence of smartphone usage in people with corresponding disposition in markets, stations, taxis and other platforms where you are likely to make payments.

Secure Payments with NFC Solutions

Every smartphone Operating System maker has developed programs or apps that feature functionality of NFC Solutions, while Android users have a wide variety of options to choose from than Apple iOS users. Since 21st century has encompassed technology in every aspect, the only way to choose is forward, which is why we are  committed to incorporate necessary changes to ensure safe and efficient operation of mobile payments.

It is a mighty concern of privacy of the personal information and data especially in monetary payments using NFC and with possibilities of numerous indulgences in security; there is ample attention for ensuring secure mobile payments for all interested parties.

Making payments via NFC Solutions beholds close proximity (within 4 cm) between paired devices, which negates lapses to execute for any attacker, because it would require the attacker to be close to the devices connected.

One measure is Host Card Emulation or HCE that allows storage of account information secure in the cloud rather than on the device itself. Android users can apply in order to emulate the physical card by HCE. HCE is available for Android Pay users.

Using Latest Technology for Secure Payments

Another option which ensures that transactions are safely executed using NFC Solutions is a chip containing personal information that is resistant of extrinsic vandalization. The sensitive information is stored within the chip and using the device that prompts to communicate with the NFC Solutions-enabled receiver to complete the transaction.

This is the principal measure of security, holding all the authorization power since it securely stores information virtually in the cloud protected by a specific digital signature. The architecture of the secure chip is especially designed to counter tamper against indulgences on the device.

The Verdict

Cetrix Solutions believes it is true of certain security lapses developed to counterfeit any security measure, but still ensure that the certain options in NFC for Android Pay users allow a safe and secure process of transaction because it assess a top-notch measure on every step. We empathize with your right of keeping personal data and money secure, which is why we recommend the fundamental manifestation of security in mobile payments via NFC Solutions.



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