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December 2, 2015

How to maximize profitability by best inventory Practices for 2016 Tablet Marketing

B2B inventory sourcing
We are closing to wrap up the year 2015, now is the time to start planning and strategizing for 2016 especially in hi-tech industry. Among the things you’re sure to work through during this time period, your marketing strategy/plan should be on top of the list. A detailed marketing plan sets clear, realistic and measurable objectives (including deadlines), and provides a clear strategy for inventory management. It doesn’t have to be particularly lengthy or beautifully written, however it does have to be constructed intelligently based on current tablet market situation and future predicted ups and downs of 2016.
Now why should we focus on our inventory management? Because the heart of attenuating 2016 market anomalies is devising a tablet inventory management process to ensure a profitable hi-tech business in the coming year. How? Pay attention to consumer and industry trends and find out what hot new models are coming to the market, at top of the line, so you are not left with an obsolete tablet inventory! and on the other end study the opening 2016 wholesales and clearances to take advantage of low price offered by tablets and hybrids manufacturers.
This simple strategy will ensure increase in your working capital by turning your tablet inventory into cash and at the same time will enable you to order the right type and amount of new batches for your stock to meet your customers’ needs and keep your goods moving off the shelves.
Now the key issue for 2016, especially with tighter and more competitive market, would be on how to find products at a wholesale price that you can resell at a retail price? So as a first step into putting just-in-time tablet inventory management into practice:
“Find proper wholesalers that can meet your needs as you fill orders”

Product sourcing
Many businesses have the false impression that buying tablets at wholesale means they should be able to source their products directly from the product manufacturer! That is a false notion! A manufacturer’s job is to make products and usually they are not interested in selling their tablet products a few cases at a time to thousands of retailers. Instead Wholesale suppliers operate with warehouses, sales forces, support and logistics offices, merchandising teams, delivery mechanisms and much more. Even worse is that most of the manufacturers find it more productive to not allocate time on customers’ specific demands on product modifications!
But there are always a few exceptions and you will occasionally find a manufacturer who sells directly to retailers and that is what at Cetirx we have been doing by bridging the gap between the wholesale tablet industry and manufacturing of products that are distinguished by quality, affordability, and extensive customization and support services. This works the best to the interest of retailers with ensured reduced competitive prices.
Our distribution and inventory policy at Cetrix has ensured a more easily distributable numbers of products and a much more simple fast delivery of bulk numbers of tablets to retailers and distributors worldwide. By this approach, we have ensured a tremendous mark down on our prices making us always competitive while providing quality top of the line tablets. Of course our area of interest has been and always remain the large volume wholesale. And to remember that the larger your wholesale order, the lower the unit cost, so buying in large volume can help increase your profit margin.
2016 delicacy on service-level targets
On the other side of the road you might have worked out another set of priorities taking into consideration the risk factors of large volume inventory. Yes, keeping too much tablet inventory can be expensive! But it is a two sided issue to consider; because with low inventory you risk losing sales if you don’t have what your customers need. Setting targets for service levels can help you find a balance that works for you and your customers. But then here is another factor, and that is where and how you have built your support with? Just think of reducing your 2016 anticipated risks by lowering your stock level but at the same time if you build-up your connections with a manufacturer, instead of a distributor, you can place rushed orders and there is no risk of losing number of sales if you don’t have the right customer’s tablets in stock. This methodology in connection with good sales forecasting will help you estimate how much tablet inventory you will need to have on hand with a much lower risk factor.

Final Word: 2016 sourcing with tablet manufacturer
To choose a right manufacturer you must know where your tablet is going to serve, what branches of vertical market you are focused on and or what is the unique solution your company has in mind or what kind of variation to a current tablet you need? then again finding a manufacturer that is flexible enough to meet your needs will be the first step and that is what Cetrix methodology has been built upon and is all about.
Working directly with us will ensure:
Lowest Cost Per Unit – giving you the greatest margins on your tablet.
Brand Control – you can build your own brand around your product and aren’t constrained by others.
Price Control – Along with the ability to build your own brand comes the ability to set your own prices for your tablet.
Quality Control – Unlike drop shipping or purchasing wholesale, when you manufacture your own tablet you’re in control of the quality of your final product.
Greater Margins – When you place your order with Cetrix, it will provide you the greatest margin potential over other methods like purchasing wholesale and drop-shipping.

OK marketers, Ho ho ho, Buckle up for 2016!
As Santa says “ho ho ho” in order to promote a joyful, happy and laughter-rich image, now that we have a clear marketing strategy/plan and we have our options on the table on how, who and where to place our orders, and with a right manufacturer, then what might be the tablet market risk factors of 2016??!

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