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January 27, 2016

21st Century Classroom, Approaches and Improvements

While our teaching styles have undergone a lot of transformations over time, ending with the current concept of 21st century classroom, not much attention has been paid into changing the classroom itself. As a result of this, the yield has not really been at the point where it should have been. However, all that is changing with time.

Changes adopted

Most schools which have shifted their curriculum to a blend of traditional and modern learning methods have seen phenomenal growth in their students. The changes started about a decade back when the concept of blended learning emerged. The Cetrix 21st century classroom has been a part of this growth, fostering it wherever needed. In fact, some schools which have taken to introducing tablets in schools to help with learning have reported a jump in creativity and a boost in learning enthusiasm in the overall student population. The reason is simple. The current population of teenagers have always grown up in an electronic world, something unimaginable a mere 2 decades back. Why then would they not be comfortable in an environment where they can continue with what they have seen all their life? Moreover, a concept of one-to-one learning is introduced when each student has his/her own learning device to refer back to. With a world of knowledge available at their fingertips, technology can indeed make learning much more productive in a way that traditional methods can never hope to accomplish. Furthermore, since the whole process is highly personal, individual growth patterns of students can be found in order so that they can be guided to focus on areas that they are weak in.

21st Century Classroom: more than just Teachers & Students

In order to ensure that the new model of learning goes down exactly as intended, the teachers need specialized training. After all, if the whole process changes, why will the old way of sitting through lectures work the same? However, this is not all that needs to change. In order to initiate the proper level of enthusiasm in the students, the whole environment needs to be redesigned. Which is why it is imperative to bring in project based learning. For example, bringing in movable desks not only helps in rearranging the classroom whenever needed, it brings out hitherto unthought-of ways to impart education. Teachers can join the desks to make a science lab or help the students work in groups. Things like taking down partitions between classes to help the whole grade work on a project might be different, but it is definitely something that works.These improvement adhere to the 21st century classroom was built upon.

Bringing it all together

Cetrix has been a pioneer in the field of education of the future. With the Cetrix 21st century classroom we believe that education can really reach levels that were impossible just a few years back. However, the way to that lies in following relatively lesser known models of education which is where Cetrix with years of expertise in the matter comes in. From how to train the educators to how to arrange the classroom to reach best Ed-Tech results, we at Cetrix have extensive knowledge on what makes for the best education in the 21st century.
The future of education is already here. Are you ready to embrace it?

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Stewart is the Director of Market Development and Innovation - Inbound Marketing Strategies and Educational Technology Platforms at Cetrix. An evangelist of 21st century Education Technology, he is a regular contributor in this blog. He writes to share ideas in helping others in the transformation process and tackles technology integration in the classroom in depth.

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