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December 10, 2015

Law Enforcement Rugged Tablet Solutions

Law enforcement is one of the most responsible and tough job in any country, as it is the department, which keeps our society civilized. However, it always accompanies complexities due to the nature of job. In addition to all other issues a new issue that is faced by sheriffs is advance technology used by criminals.
The crooks are well equipped with latest technical devices and in order to be ahead of them the police department needs to find a solution. The laptops in the sheriff’s car is not helping them out and they need a handy tablet PC that can be used in their daily tasks like forensic, evidence collection and management, video surveillance, license plate recognition, sharing data and connecting with colleagues.
The solution lies in a versatile ops-room condensed into a portable machine with appropriate hardware design for fast data transaction with the local stations in vicinity and the main control center.

We understand your needs
As per the nature of job there can be lot of running, chasing, evidence collection and verifications in the day-to-day duty. Fingerprints matching/scanning, collecting pictures from crime scene, verifying license plates are the regular needs and all these can be made easy with a handy tablet. However, not any tablet is the solution for the law department. A consumer tablet can not fulfill the department’s requirement as they need something which is drop proof (so that you can drive and chase without worrying about the device), can bear shocks, work in sunlight with high speed, can give good battery backup and must be secure (as you are going to access very confidential data). Other than ruggedness of the tablet the department also needs customized apps, as the usual apps that are in any tablet may slow down the device and bring a threat for the data security. Connectivity is other major requirement; a sheriff will need to connect with the control room/other colleagues or share information about any particular incident of past or present. Customized applications can speed up these processes. Appropriate applications along with physical toughness are the basic requirement of law enforcement department.

Our Solution
Cetrix produces rugged tablets that are best suited for the purpose. These are purposely built for the tough and hard environment that our officers may face in their daily work. Thus, while chasing down a rash driver or robbers they don’t have to think about their device being handled with care. Our rugged tablets have dust protection, water protection, and they passed 26 drops in test from each edge and face ensuring proper safety to the device. They also come with docking station; USB adaptor and headsets, which you may need while connecting with other colleague or control room and want your hands free.
We have two models in this category naming Pluto X7 and Magma X each is supported by Windows or Linux and has passed 4’ Drop test. They provide 8 hours of battery backup. We also give facility of finger print scanner and barcode scanner that will be extremely useful for the police department when tracking down or verifying someone. Similar to California state police department others may want to have criminal database accessible on their tablets. Our rugged tablets have Octa Core 1.7 GHz and Intel Core N2930 1.86 GHz CPUs that can support in accessing different database in your tablets. We also provide 32 GB EMCP and MicroSD up to 64 GB that can give lot of space for storing data and files and share them. They come with built in WLAN and WWAN that makes the sharing of real time data easier and faster. Our product range comes with 2 MP front cameras and 5 to 13 MP rear camera that can help in forensic, evidence collection, video surveillance and live video communications.
In addition to the default hardware specialty we also customize our devices as per your needs with the proper applications, software that can be swift, saving the every critical minute of yours. For example, a department can have a specific app that connects all the sheriffs and the control center for sharing data, images, audio files etc.

Law enforcement is very vast but tablets are making the job little easier for our officers increasing the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of the department. Public safety and security are now much more speedy and ensured.

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