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April 29, 2017

How to Manage Remote Sales Teams with Salesforce CRM and Hybrid Devices


Imagine the future of the mobile workspace. Rather than traditional laptops, everyone operates a handheld gadget. This gadget could be either a smartphone, a tablet or a hybrid device. Prepared or not, hybrid technology is set to revolutionize the work place.

Hybrid technology has gradually been on the rise. With the demand for mobility and flexibility, this is not unexpected.

Despite growing demands for tablets and smartphones, the laptop is still very common.

It is very easy to understand the appeal of the traditional laptop. It has a keyboard to accommodate heavy data entry, provides for I/O options, large screen, amongst other features.


The future of the mobile workforce

There has been a daily increase in the mobile workforce. It is projected that more than 70% of the total US workforce will be mobile. That is a great game changer for the service delivery industry. This also affects companies with agents or employees on the field.

With the rise of mobile employees, there will be a corresponding rise in the demand for mobile gadgets. It is already predicted that hybrids will dominate the business world.

Hybrids – a new way to compute

Hybrids are gradually taking center stage. They combine the features of the traditional laptop with the mobility of the smart phone. With a simple to use interface, handy body, alongside other features, it is poised to dominate the work place.

Mobile employees need a means of assessing information on the go. Hybrids meet that demand as well as provide a means of communication.

Hybrids in combination with good CRM software have proved important tools. Mobile employees can improve customer interaction without having to visit the home office. Meetings can be scheduled and tasks can be created and organized. It is an advantage to overall efficiency.

The acquisition of the Salesforce CRM is a major plus to any organization. But what are the benefits of Salesforce CRM and hybrid devices?


Salesforce CRM and Hybrid Devices

Organization are increasingly using CRM to increase the productivity of their employees. That is why cloud-based CRM systems like Salesforce CRM have been in high demand.

Salesforce CRM and hybrid devices is a top choice for businesses. It enhances mobility and saves resources.

With Salesforce CRM and hybrid devices, there is a less need for technical support. Users simply have to use their devices to access the software.

Furthermore, Salesforce CRM through its Salesforce Component allows for connections through different devices – smart phones, hybrids and laptops. This allows for access regardless of whether the employee is on the go or in an office space.

Using a multi-tenant model, Salesforce CRM is capable of catering as many mobile devices simultaneously as a company has.

Using Salesforce CRM with Hybrids bring about tremendous results in all sectors, such as healthcare, university administration and higher education.

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