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As a technology company with offices in US, Malta, and Hong Kong, CETRIX is a global leader in integrated mobile technologies for vertical markets including education, healthcare, construction, public safety, energy and retail with a complete lineup of mobiles, smartphones, wireless infrastructure, and tablet PCs’ accessories for its international clients around the world.

At CETRIX we deliver the actionable intelligence and expert guidance to our clients to ensure their success. We tailor innovative solutions that integrate product conceptualization, design, manufacturing, fulfillment and sustaining services. Our policy of building one-on-one relationships allows us to clearly understand and therefore respond more accurately to our clients’ individual needs.

CETRIX has been trusted for high quality products & excellent customer service by several top electronics brands worldwide. Our clients comes from throughout the world including USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, UK, Portugal, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Yemen, UAE, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Australia

CETRIX is among the leading tablet manufacturers who adopt the latest technology to offer a better user experience and broader application possibilities.Not only do we offer advanced hardware specifications, but also we are a pioneer in adopting the latest versions of operating systems, including Android, Windows and Linux

2015 -2019 Mobility Upward Market Trends: One hybrid to rule them all

Hybrid laptops, or 2-in-1s, are devices that are able to serve as both a laptop and a tablet, either in a detachable design that sees the touchscreen doubling as a tablet, or a convertible approach in which the notebook’s hinge rotates 360 degrees for a similar effect.

How are they used?

Hybrids are popular. If you can have one device that serves both purposes, why not economize? In theory, a hybrid would be split pretty evenly between work and leisure tasks, the keyboard enabling office suite and other software-driven operations, the screen pulling free for book reading, movie watching and Web browsing. But why has this pretty simple approach revolutionized mobility in the second half of this decade?

Market Analysis: Tablets! Designing from Scratch Vs. Custom Built Flexibility?
Product innovation now lies in “Rapid Engineering”

With the need for media-rich interactions and “computing anywhere”, always-connected tablets and hybrids are taking the place of laptops and desktops. Tablet-centric computing creates a completely different development landscape. While software development has evolved code bases, accessible stacks, and other consolidated tool-chains and libraries, hardware capabilities have only recently started to make progress, with system-on-modules and single-board computers.

2-in-1 for Business Mobility

What platform will dramatically guarantee a robust transformation to make the workflow environment more efficient, connected and productive? The proper step would be to set a target goal of purpose-built mobility solutions in helping the consumers’ change how business is done.

2-in-1 in digital classroom

Hybrids for Education and Classroom Use

We must hold a major amount of weight for the future of our educational system. While many governments around the world spend billions every year to improve all aspects of their educational systems. The tablet for education are becoming more and more popular, the idea of replacing print textbooks with tablets with digital textbooks is becoming more prevalent.

Mobility in Rugged Environment

The Cetrix Rugged family line of products are designed to be used primarily in harsh environments and for those businesses who need to have their external workforce always connected wherever they are.

2015 mobility in vertical market Integration

Cetrix’s People-Inspired Innovation philosophy makes the vertical integration of its technology solutions simple, and Cetrix has tirelessly served many vertical industry customers with integrated offerings over the years through a holistic portfolio across mobility, visual display and printing solutions.