Our Work

CETRIX is a leading international designer and manufacturer of mobile computing devices, digital educational equipment and integrated mobile technologies for vertical markets, including education, healthcare, public safety and energy with a customer base that spans across four continents. Among our customers are large multi-national enterprises such as Beyer and Toyota, as well as startups and small businesses who are paving their way through the technology market with their innovative ideas realized with the help of Cetrix’s technology and knowhow.

Our educational product portfolio includes interactive displays, charging carts, hybrids, tablets, laptops and smartphones, classroom sound systems, document cameras, and digital classroom accessories and software. We have been providing consultation and products to school systems and educational institutions in USA, Canada, Central America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

We are also a trusted supplier of mobile phones to regional telco companies in the US, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and South America.

Our contract manufacturing capabilities have served innovative startups in the imaging technology, medical technology and communication fields.

Our new, advanced air purifiers has been making their way in the market with a fast growth of customer base in the US.

A Global Customer Base

The great variety of our customers in terms of size, sector and field of activity is a testimony to the quality and adaptability of our solutions. We tailor our solutions to the specific specifications and requirements of our customers, and top it with great customer service and support.

Stories of how Cetrix products helped our customers

From schools in the UK to schools in Africa, to startups in the US and Spain, read the exciting stories of our customers who have found Cetrix products their best tools of trade. Learn how Cetrix helped them to achieve their goals and open the way to future.