Cetrix offers white label tablets, OEM tablets, and custom built tablets for your own special applications. Do you want to put your apps on the tablets and then sell them to your customers? Do you want to sell your own branded tablets with iPad or Nexus 7 spec and quality? That’s where we can help. You can put your own brand, logo or animation on those white label tablets, pre-install your own apps, and configure the OS to do exactly what you need.

The possibilities are endless. Got your own ideas? You can either purchase a basic customization package from us, or talk to us about your project.

Cetrix Limited can develop custom tablet PC configurations and looks with your company’s branding to help bring a professional polish to any project.

Leverage our Tablet PC expertise and manufacturing relationships the next time you are deploying a tablet based technology solution.

Cetrix Limited can provide:

  1. Final manufacturing and finished goods
  2. Customized IDs for existing Tablet PC designs for rapid and cost efficient deployment
  3. Low Minimum System Quantity requirements for unbranded versions of Cetrix Limited systems.
  4. Full array of peripheral and complementary accessories.
  5. Highly configurable system solutions to fit a wide variety of project requirements’
  6. Quality Assurance and World Class Technical Support and Repair Services
  7. This is the ultimate custom built tablet package, which allow you to get fully

Customized tablet designed:

1) Print or laser logo on the back of the tablets

2) Your own boot image or boot animation

3) Your own wall paper

4) Packaging box with your own customized design

5) Have the tablet only run your own app when boot.

6) The tablet is basically dedicated device of your application.

7) Or have the tablet only show and run your own multiple apps on the home page. Your user can only see and run your apps, not any other apps on the tablet.