ActivePlane Interactive Whiteboard

ActivePlane Interactive Whiteboard:
Durable, high quality and affordable interactive board for classroom
Different sizes, from 69" to 120"
Advanced Infrared Touch Detection System
Advanced Ricoh short-throw projector with high image quality
Easy installation, simple operation.

General Details

ActivePlane Interactive Whiteboard

Cetrix ActivePlane is an economical way to turn any classroom into an interactive learning environment. It is designed to provide high quality, responsive interactive experience, simple operation and easy maintenance, while affordable enough to enable any school to benefit from it. Using  a high quality projector from Ricoh and an advanced and accurate Infrared Touch Detection System with up to 10 touch point detection ability, it can accommodate up to 10 students using the board simultaneously.

A Perfect Fit for Every Classroom
For every classroom, depending on its physical size, grade level and number of students, an Interactive Whiteboard of optimum size and specifications must be selected. ActivePlane comes in many sizes with different aspect ratios to answer the needs of any classroom. In addition Ricoh PJ K360 projector’s high contrast ratio, brightness, and capability for adjusting the aspect ratio makes it easy to adjust ActivePlane to the requirements of each classroom.

Interactive Software
The ActiveTouch comes with Open-Sankore, the leading interactive display software that enables teachers and students to open and close documents, enlarge or shrink images, and make hard-copy printouts. It is fully compatible with the latest version of Windows OS, and can import Microsoft Office documents. A user-friendly tool bar on each side of the panel lets users select a variety of drawing options with a simple tap of an icon.

Features & Video
  • ActivePlane consists of an Interactive Whiteboard and a short-throw projector, both connected to teacher’s computer, and a wall-mount for the projector.
  • Capable of simultaneous detection of up to 10 touch points, enabling two persons to write and draw on  ActivePlane at the same time.
  • Responds to finger, pen, pointer or any other opaque object.
  • Projector has a high quality image and can be mounted on the ceiling or on a special wall mount.
  • Detection has a minimum lifespan of 11 years.
  • Smart pen holder allows a fast change between writing tools.
  • Anti-glare surface eliminates unwanted light reflections.
  • The Whiteboard is compatible with any whiteboard markers.
  • Comes with Open-Sankoré, the industry-leading multi-platform program for interactive learning.
  • Comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty that is extendable for up to 3 years.


ActivePlane Whiteboard Specifications

Model Number, Size & Dimensions
Model Number CW-690 CW-780 CW-820 CW-821 CW-850 CW-880 CW-900
Size 69″ 78″ 82″ 82″ 85″ 88″ 90″
Dimensions (mm) 1429 x 1099 1592 x 1262 1755 x 1262 1928 x 1099 1928 x 1099 1928 x 1262 1834 x 1344
Aspect Ratio 4:3 4:3 4:3 16:9 16:9 4:3 4:3
Model Number CW960 CW-961 CW-1000 CW-1040 CW-1080 CW-1200
Size 96″ 96″ 100″ 104″ 108″ 120″
Dimensions (mm) 1918 x 1429 2081 x 1262 2081 x 1429 2245 x 1262 2444 x 1429 2731 x 1572
Aspect Ratio 4:3 16:10 4:3 16:9 16:9 16:9


Display & Touch
Board Size 69″ to 120″
Aspect Ratio 4:3 / 16:9 / 16:10
Surface White anti-glare
View Angle Horizontal 170°, Vertical 160°
Touch Sensor Multi-touch (Optional 2, 4, 6, 10 touch)
Respond Technology Infrared
Respond Object Finger, pointer or any other opaque object
Positioning Accuracy <2mm
Cursor Speed 180dot/s
Operating System & Software
Operating System Windows, Android, Linux, iOS
Software Finger gesture recognition
Open-Sankore Interactive Learning Software
Construction & Material
Frame Aluminum high class frame
Surface material (front) Cold rolled steel surface (can be used as normal white board)
Wick material High density polyfoam
Back side material Galvanized steel sheet
Power Supply & Connections
Power USB Powered & controlled
Voltage DC 4.6V- 5.0V
Power Consumption
Connection Port 1 * USB 3.0
Working Environment
Lifetime Over 11 years
Temperature Working temperature: -10 °C to 45 °C
Storage temperature: -30 °C to 60 °C
Humidity Working humidity: 10% to 90%
Storage humidity: 0~95%
Working Condition  Indoor, outdoor, under sun


Ricoh PJ-K360 Short-Throw Projector Specifications

Display system 0.55`DLP
Display Technology DLP Technology
Contrast Ratio 16,000:1
Projection Distance 1m
Brightness 3,300lm
Resolution 1024*768 (supports 1600X1200)
Display Ratio 4:3, 16:9,16:10
Lamp Life 5,000 (normal), 7,500 (auto), 10,000 (Eco)
Anti-dust design Full sealed optical paths, professional anti-dust
Lens Automatic Focus
Special feature: Auto Signal recognition
I/O ports VGA,HDMI ,RJ45, VIDEO, S-VIDEO,MINI audio; RS-232 ;VGA output, USB
Environment and operation Eco 29dB, standby power 1W,operation temp: 5℃-40℃,
Speaker Internal 1 X 8W speaker
Weight 2.9kg
Lamp ≥240W


Projector Wall Mount Specifications

Material Cold rolled steel
Extensible 718-1200 mm
Rotation 360 °, 42° tilt (X axis),42° (Y axis)
Net Weight 3.7 Kg
Gross Weight 4.3 Kg
Projector maximum weight 12 kg
Package size 1000(l)x185(w) x120(h)mm

Package Content

Interactive Whiteboard
Interactive Learning Software
Magnetic intelligent pen holder
3 color pens (Blue, Black, Red)
USB Cable (5 meters)
Wall mounts with screws
Driver installation CD
Warranty card
User Manual

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