ChargeMax CE-18

ChargeMax by CETRIX brings efficient mobile device charging and maintenance to the classrooms and workplaces. With its innovative design, ease of use, and secure cabinet, ChargeMax ensures safe, secure and healthy usage and maintenance of mobile devices for years to come.

General Details

The hardware side of every school’s mobile device management is the charging cart or cabinet that allows for volume charging and safe keeping of tablets and laptops. In addition, they are the best way to maintain the devices in a ready-for-use condition at all times.

Designed for laptops and Chromebooks, ChargeMax Charging carts and cabinets are part of CETRIX School Digital Transformation Solution. They provide an efficient, affordable, and easy means for schools to securely store and charge mobile computing devices.

ChargeMax’s main power input is protected by a system ensuring regulated power reaches the converters. The cabinet is perforated on all sides for complete air circulation to keep the temperature of the cabinet within safety range.

Outstanding Features
  • ChargeMax CE-18 is designed to disinfect and charge up to 18 laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, or mobile phones.
  • The power system has multi-layer safety measures and provides safe, regulated power to the devices.
  • The cabinet is designed to be safe and duarable.
  • Perforated metal walls on all sides ensures proper air circulation and regulates the temperature inside the cabinet and keeps it within safety range.
  • The cabinet is secured with a convenient, sturdy electronic keypad lock powered independently by batteries. Optionally, the electronic lock can be replaced with a 3-Point Push-to-Close lock.
  • The cabinet is designed with round corners to make it safe for usage in classroom and work environments.
  • ChargeMax has four ultra-quite sturdy wheels with breaks on the two wheels for easy moving and parking.
  • The cabinet is made of coated steel for durability and protection from environment.
Brand ChargeMax
Model Number CE-18
Capacity 18 Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets or Mobile Phones
Configuration 3×6
Charging Interface Uses devices’ own adaptor/charger, secured in the back compartment
Input Power 110V/220V ; 50/60Hz
Output Power (each device) Depends on each device’s adaptor
Power Cable 9′ or 12′ UL certified power cord and 3-prong plug
Power Control On/Off power switch with red light indicator
Main power switch on side panel
Cooling System Perforated metal walls on all sides
Cable Management Removable individual charger/adapter holders on the back
Charger/adapter power winder on each removable holder
Internal cable guides on the compartment ceiling
Internal cable guides the device dividers
Main power cord winder on the exterior
Door Locks 3-point, 2-position security door lock w/keys
Optional Padlock loop on the main door
Back power management compartment door lock w/keys
Wheels Four 4” ultra-quite swivel caster wheels, two with locking brakes
Weight 68 lbs (40 kg)
Dimensions 16 (W) x ‪23.6 (D) x ‪40.2 (H) inch
41 (W) x 60 (D) x ‪102 (H) cm
Other Features Integrated push handle
External power cord winder
Material Thick gauge steel with special coating/paint
Package Content AC Power Cable
Door Keys
User Manual
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