SonoField Classroom Sound Field System

One of the components of CETRIX solution for schools is SonoField Classroom Sound Field System. SonoField enhances audibility of sound and audio by creating an even sound field at all points of the room. Using IR wireless microphones, and high dynamic range surface mount loud speakers, the system is easy to install, learn and use.

General Details

SonoField Classroom Sound Field System

Every educator conducting a classroom session, no matter what the level and subject is, essentially relies on hearing comprehension of the learners. therefore, to a great extent, the quality of learning depends heavily on the ability of the students to hear the words of the teacher clearly and at normal loudness. But factors such as the distance from the teacher, poor room acoustics, hearing problems, and non-native students can dramatically lower the quality of education in classrooms.

Sound Field Systems

The SonoField by CETRX is designed to enhance audio quality and distribution in a classroom by eliminating most of the factors that degrade student hearing and comprehension. SonoField creates a Sound Field in the classroom by using two or more speakers to evenly distribute the sound from different sources throughout the room. Depending on the size and geometry of the classroom, wall mounted or ceiling mounted load speakers are used.

Vibrating Loudspeakers

A key component of Cetrix SonoField is the vibrating loudspeakers that mount on the walls or on the ceiling in a classroom. A vibrating speaker uses a flat surface to produce sound waves in the environment, resulting in a uniform dispersion of the sound waves.  A well placed speaker system consisting of two or four vibrating speakers will cover the whole classroom with sound waves that can be heard at all points of the room with nearly the same clarity and loudness.

IR Wireless Microphone

SonoField uses an infrared wireless microphone system for the teacher and students. IR wireless microphone uses optical waves that do not penetrate the walls of the classroom, making it possible to use the system in all classrooms in a school without the waves from one classroom interfering getting picked up by the wireless system in the next classroom. For convenience and freedom of movement and work with two hands, a necklace wireless microphone is used by the teacher. A handheld wireless microphone is dedicated to the students who for communication with the class and the teacher.

Features & Video
  • Creates a sound field that ensures uniform sound quality and level throughout the classroom
  • Uses Infra-Red (IR) wireless microphones to confine the communication within the walls of the classroom
  • Integrates different audio sources into a single sound field system
  • Wall-mounted, lockable control board is space-efficient and simple to use and manage by the teacher
  • Control board has a built-in charger for wireless microphone
  • High-quality loudspeakers ensure clear, crisp audiophile sound
  • Customized loudspeaker configuration according to room size and geometry
  • Quick installation and configuration
Infrared Receiver & Audio Amplifier
Rated power 120 W Nominal (Optional 240 W for large classrooms)
Installation Wall mounted
Infrared Ray Wavelength 850 nm
Receiving mode TRF
Frequency Response 100 Hz ~ 15 KHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≥80 db
Modulation mode Crystal control PLL pulse modulation
Audio input/output interface RCA-2
Wired microphone interface Φ6.35 mm
Power AC 220 V 50 Hz, over current and thermal protection
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 415 (L) x 260 (W) x 100 (H) mm


Infrared Sensor
Receiving frequency 2.3 Mhz, 2.8 Mhz, 3.2 Mhz, 3.8 MHz
Infrared Ray Wavelength 850 nm
Oscillation mode Crystal control PLL pulse modulation
Receive mode External high sensitivity ultra-wide 360-degree Omni-directional receiving
Sensitivity ≥85 db
S/N ≥80 db
Response Range 50 Hz ~ 15 KHz
Receiving Distance The line of sight distance is 25 m from sensor, non-linear is over 8 m
Power DC 30 V (provided by the host receiver)


Educator’s Microphone
Form Factor Pendant
Microphone Type Unidirectional ECM
Microphone pickup Single point
Sensitivity -90 db ± 2 db
Frequency Response 100 Hz ~ 15 KHz
Infrared Ray Wavelength 850 nm
Transmission mode ultra wide angle 360 degree of omni-directional emission
Oscillation mode Crystal control PLL pulse modulation
Audio Input Φ3.5 mm
Battery 3.7 V 1250 mAH lithium polymer battery
Weight 53 g (without battery)
Dimensions 95 (L) x 55 (W) x 17 (H) mm


Student Microphone
Form Factor Handheld
Microphone Type Moving coil
Microphone pickup pattern Single point
Sensitivity -90 db ± 2 db
Frequency Response 50 Hz ~ 15 KHz
Transmission frequency 2.3 Mhz
Transmission mode Ultra-wide angle 360 degree of Omni-directional emission
Oscillation mode Crystal control PLL pulse modulation
Infrared Ray Wavelength 850 nm
Battery 3.7 V 2500 mAH Lithium polymer battery
Weight 320 g (with battery), 260g (without battery)
Dimensions <Φ53 (D) x 260 (L) mm


Vibrating Wall Mount Loadspeakers (CSP-W5240)
Frequency Response: 75 Hz-20 KHz
RMS Power: 40 watts
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity(1w/1m): 89 dB
Mid-Bass: 5.25″ (133 mm) Paper cone with rubber suspension
Tweeter: 1.2″ (30 mm) Mylar Dome
Dimensions: 275 x 185 x 35 mm



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