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April 4, 2016

Product Development Process in Contract manufacturing


For any business or startup which is into Product Development Process in Contract manufacturing of mobile solutions, choosing the right contact manufacturing process is crucial. There are many factors that should be kept in mind when getting your first prototype created. Choosing an expert in  device prototype manufacturing can be beneficial in a number of ways for startups.

Following are some of the tips that can be used before outsourcing your new product development to a manufacturer:

  1. Assess Quality Control

When it comes to New Product Development Process, quality can make or break a new product initiative. This is why it is important for startups to assess production quality before finalizing the contract manufacturer (CM). By choosing a dependable and experienced manufacturer such as prototyping experts, you can be rest assured of the final product quality.

Important points to consider: Quality control procedures, communication process before, during and after the production, proper certifications required for the specific product application, and customer service.

  1. Contract manufacturing Cost of Services

Another big deciding factor in Contract manufacturing is the budget. A CM that delivers highest quality of services within your budget is ideal, but is not easy to find. In many cases the startups have to choose between price and delivery depending on their needs and budget. In such scenarios it definitely helps when the CM is not just affordable but also capable of providing quick and quality deliverables.

Low-priced services don’t always imply poor quality. Some manufacturers are able to offer competitive prices due to various reasons, and pass on these benefits to their clients. Startups should understand the various cost components being offered by these New Product Development manufacturers and then decide whether the cost is acceptable.

  1. Production Capacity

For businesses into new product development, time-to-market is of essence. Startups that require a quick delivery for their prototypes should be careful to choose a CM specializing in low-volume, quick turnaround time. This is especially true for businesses into frequent NPD prototyping since they cannot afford to get stuck in the waiting period of a busy, high-volume CM.

  1. Expertise in Product Development Process in Contract manufacturing

Many startups fail to understand the importance of selecting a CM that can cater to the type of prototype they require. For example, a business into new mobile solutions should opt for an expert in this field first, try to shortlist CM’s that fall into your criteria, instead of going for a one-stop shop. The latter, though easier to find, can sometimes end up being a poor choice due to their lack of focus and operation related expertise.

  1. Potential for Long-Term Relationship

Every startup should look for a CM that has the potential to become their long term partner. When you are comfortable with the team of people who will be working on your NPD project, the work becomes a lot easier.

Almost all startups require a manufacturing partner to outsource their new product development prototyping ideas to. The above tips should help you get started and find your ideal manufacturing partner in a systematic, safe, and professional way.

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