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InSIST Global initially wanted to create a low cost solution to help schools in Gambia with their administrative work which has now expanded to an ambitious multi-year project to provide an operating platform for schools that will exploit Information Communication and Technology (ICT), to make education more affordable and effective for every Gambian.


After a year of research, InSIST Global teamed up with Cetrix to make sure that every child would have access to an affordable personal computer; every classroom in school can be turned into a modern computer lab; every student can access thousands of books, apps, and videos covering various topics in math, physics, chemistry, history among many others geared towards complementing the efforts of the teacher. This in turn would improve academic performance and create interest in learning among Gambian students.

Fatou Jobarteh, InSIST Global Project Manager:

“The motivation to come up with such a brilliant idea stems from the lack of textbooks in schools and the lack of ICT skills among graduates.

InSIST website:

“The Jangal tablet is an affordable, quality, easy- to-use, and safe e- learning device to give students limitless access to their required textbooks and all other educational contents that will empower and set them on the right path to success”.


A pilot study was carried out over the course of a year in close consultation with a selected group of students at St. Peter’s Technical School in Lamin. To ensure a successful roll-out, a number of issues were examined and successfully addressed during the pilot, including the type of educational content students needed on the tablet, the cost of the tablet and its affordability, durability, e-management within the school to streamline the flow of information from the school to the student, and proper filtering mechanisms to ensure the tablet is child-safe.

One Tablet at a Time, One Student at a Time

To make sure that every student would have access to a tablet, and to ensure that quality would not be sacrificed for affordability a 6- month loan scheme was put in place by InSIST allowing every parent to purchase the tablet for their children.


InSIST Global is the only software development company in the Gambia that specializes in business information management solutions and builds all its technology from the ground up.InSIST Global was established in 2010 to help organizations and projects manage the complex flow of information through their business processes.