Tensys Medical

Tensys Medical, Inc.

Cetrix technology team up with Tensys Medical, Inc. in San Diego, California for medical monitoring system


Tensys Medical, Inc. is a leader in the development and commercialization of continuous, non-invasive, hemodynamic monitoring systems. They are FDA approved and CE-Marked T-Line technology is used today in hospital operating rooms, ICUs and electrophysiology labs to provide a patient’s real-time pulse pressure waveform and blood pressure. They are in the field of hemodynamic monitoring and with the future addition of advanced hemodynamic parameters, Tensys is positioned to continue its leadership in the growing, non-invasive, hemodynamic marketplace.

Tensys is dedicated to improving patient safety by designing, and manufacturing continuous, non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring systems. The TL-300 features a tablet supported monitor that allows touch screen control and displays a patient’s key hemodynamic parameters. In addition to continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure and arterial waveform, the operator is readily able to view trend data for up to a 12-hour period. The tablet displays data coming from an integrated bracelet, sensor, and wrist frame placed over the patient’s radial artery.


Tensys Medical Inc. searched a long time for tablet components that could support their highly technical TL-300 monitoring design. They were

looking for a motherboard that could handle high speed CPU and RAM. In the CZ974 model Cetrix delivered the chipset with Intel Atom N2600 @ 1.60GHz (upgraded BIOS) 8GB SSD, 1GB DDR3 RAM (800MT/s) which answered the expectations of Tensys. On the other hand upgraded LCD original LG LP097X02 for Motherboard Atom n2600, with Touch Panel and Front Frame provided the best display option for Tensys R&D team.


Cetrix’s tablets have been used by customers in the United States, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania. Cetrix enhances its products regularly with the latest mobile computing technology, such as NFC, Smart Card Readers, 4G, HD Retina displays and wireless connectivity. Cetrix’s customers have enjoyed its unique high quality services, including customization of their devices that goes from informational and presentation level deep into architectural and security levels.