Rugged Environment Solutions

Mobility in Rugged Environment

The CETRIX Rugged family line of products are designed to be used primarily in harsh environments and for those businesses who need to have their external workforce always connected wherever they are.

When you leave your home or the office while still working, rugged tablet becomes the only choice! They are designed to bring the full power of desktop computing to your mobile workforce.

Features of CETRIX Rugged Tablets include user-friendly touchscreens, sunlight readable displays, barcode scanning, RFID, GPS and a host of other great features to empower your mobile workers Portable rugged tablet computers are utilized by a variety of industries, including field service, construction, utility, retail, sales, service and delivery, warehouse, freight and healthcare. They are protected from factors including humidity, dust, bright sunlight, moisture, high and low temperatures, and even shock and vibration.

If you were to drop your non-rugged tablet onto a hard surface like concrete, it is extremely likely that you would at the very least smash the screen. But our ruggedized versions come with toughened glass and they are tested in harsh environments. It means that the devices can be dropped from a reasonable height onto concrete without any external damage. Even more importantly, nothing will be broken inside the unit.

If ruggeds do happen to break, parts are easily replaced, but are also generally covered by longer warranties or Service Level Agreements. Rugged models are also available for between 3-5 years from the release date without major component change, which gives your IT departments a few less headaches with shorter deployment times and costs.

Are your batteries always running low on your non-rugged tablet and you feel you’re forever plugging it in to recharge? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just replace the batteryin a matter of seconds? With a ruggedized tablet, batteries can be user replaceable, warm swap or even hot swappable, allowing you to work all day without having to charge your tablet device. While you use one battery you could be charging spare batteries via a charging solution so that you always have power for your device.

Our rugged family is also being designed with the user in mind, becoming sleeker and lighter than they ever used to be to improve usability, while retaining the ruggedness that’s needed to survive in harsher environments.Our non-rugged offerings may be cheaper, but are they fit for the function and environment you are working in and are you really getting everything your workforce really needs? Can they really be used with confidence in all conditions all day, every day?

If you’re still undecided, or are getting the usual headaches with all the information out there, give us a call or email us and we will be happy to explain the full benefits of using our rugged family in your working environment and how we can support you and your estate of devices.