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May 2, 2016

How to Sanitize Smartphones and Tablets ?

The level of contamination in portable electronics with Nosocomial pathogens has long been argued. Studies have been garnered with the objective of determining the contamination rate of the healthcare workers’ (HCWs’) mobile phones and portable electronics in operating room and ICU by many healthcare sources. As such, it was a matter of time before its significance in the health industry was realized. After all, mobile phones and portable electronics are the single most vulnerable point in terms of the spread of germs. But contrary to all the evidences, there has always been a lack of modeled approach to attenuate this threat in standard formal manner. The Advent of recent method of How to Sanitize Smartphones and Tablets is nothing short of revolutionary. Now even the hospital industry is waking up and taking notice of the impact of residue germ reduction on the environment and sanitation of Smartphones and Tablets.


Statistical Data


Since most of the outbreaks occured in the past as the result of infection-spread from smartphones are not easily curable, reduction of infections spread has gained the utmost importance. A recent survey conducted in French schools monitoring the spread of Pertussis is one of the primary pointers in this regard. The data, gathered since 1996 with the help of various voluntary community notifications became of high relevance since 2001 when the local health bodies began participating in the survey with a view to sanitize Smartphones and Tablets. Beside healthcare related infections, community clusters of the spreading disease were also examined and the contribution of portable electronics in the spread of Nosocomial infections was found to be significant. Here, a total of 595 cases were received and 67 relevant ones were analysed to yield the fact that the healthcare sector workers were the most highly affected with an average affection time of 48 days. This goes on to show the need of a fast and efficient disinfection and sanitization system in the healthcare community.


Sanitize Smartphones and Tablets by UV: stepping into the Future with Care

A primary reason which contributes to the role of smartphones and other mobile devices as a threat in the spread of Nosocomial infections is the widespread integration of the technology into the healthcare sector. There are a wide variety of apps and tech solutions in the market which are not only efficient and easy to use in the medical industry, but extremely useful in health monitoring and prescription. Thus, it can be easily argued that the active use of smartphones and tablets in healthcare makes it of primary importance to use a system to effectively sanitize Smartphones and Tablets.


This is not all. Even the public use of smartphone apps are catching up at a very high rate. Since most smartphone applications can translate medical data into visual or auditory patterns, it becomes quite applicable for all users from non-medical backgrounds to easily recognize this. Furthermore, these apps also allow for ease of contact during medical emergencies. This means that smartphones and tablets are effectively becoming one of the primary vectors for harboring pathogenic bacteria – including MRSA and C. Difficile.

In short, the effect of technology on the field of healthcare is undoubtedly great. However, adequate care to sanitize portable electronics in hospitals and other public facilities including schools should be taken to ensure that this does not translate into a cause for potential outbreaks. Smartphone tablet UV disinfection systems are the most efficient in this regard with an almost 100% accuracy, reaching into crevices which traditional chemical methods cannot reach.


Is the role of technology the next leap forward? Definitely, as long as it is used with care.



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