Vertical Market

2015 mobility in vertical market Integration

e-Capture Research and Development S.L. “EyesMap”

comes in a Cetrix solution tablet with

Intel’s 4th generation i7 processor and 16 GB

of RAM which gives it an extraordinary performance.

Cetrix’s People-Inspired Innovation philosophy makes the vertical integration of its technology solutions simple, and Cetrix has tirelessly served many vertical industry customers with integrated offerings over the years through a holistic portfolio across mobility, visual display and printing solutions.


Today, all industries are tasked with incorporating evolving technology, and Cetrix’s approach is to serve each market with innovative products that are capable of addressing industry-specific needs. Cetrix enters the business conversation with a strong, end-to-end offering that will continue to drive demand for smarter solutions that meet the unique needs of each vertical market as the workplace transitions into the digital world. CETRIX sees developing mobile solutions combining hardware, software and services focused on the needs of specific vertical markets as key to future success in the mobility space.


The TL-300 features a Cetrix tablet supported monitor that allows touch

screen control and displays a patient’s key hemodynamic parameters.

In addition to continuous beat-to-beat

blood pressure and arterial waveform, the operator is

readily able to view trend data for up to a 12-hour period.

The tablet displays data coming from an integrated bracelet,

sensor, and wrist frame placed over the patient’s radial artery.